A Third Dragon Tale: Paolini’s Finally Back

According to Random House, we can expect the third egg in the Paolini Eragon series to hatch on September 20, under the title Brisingr. Random House is also trying to pull a Scholastic on libraries–requiring a “you must sign a promise not to early release the book.” I guess they feel the book needs the extra hype. I don’t think it helps all that much though–more, it just annoys the librarians who are trying to get the book to patrons who do want to read it.

Guess I need to get cracking on Eldest–I got about five chapters in and then it got shoved down the reading list.

I found out about Eldest via really LARGE posters in the New York Subway–anyone riding the transit there know if they’ve put up those posters for Brisingr? Check 71st and Continental for me…