Today was the first attended week of the LAX-PL kids knitting club! We had seven kids, all drop ins who wanted to join in the woolly goodness. May I just say it’s lovely to meet children whose parents know how to knit (and are willing to stay and help) and kids who’ve knit at school! Even a brand new knitter (Little L), who had never knit before, learned Continental style in about 15 minutes!

Hooray! And yes, I’m going to be spoiled.

The word is slowly going out and I’m promised more supplies if I need them. (Yay for an understanding boss!) The middle school parents will hear about it in their next newsletter thanks to an insider knitter and the elementary after school knitting guru has promised to tell all of her yarn devotees. Word’s getting out!

Find what you like–make it part of your job.

And now…because of course we can’t go 24 hours apart from each other, I have to go address an emergency database report for NY. Thank heavens for coffee from Orange on Clark Street (awesome late Christmas gift!!!!!!) . Formerly-Known-As-Roomie?– yeah, she rocks.