That was my goal to find. Does he like fantasy? Not really–but he did read all of the Harry Potter books. He likes series…

On the basis of that, I was off to the teen section to recommend a few series.

What did I choose?

Stravaganza: City of Masks (Mary Hoffman)

There are three books in Hoffman’s Stravanganza series–which involves time travel from the modern world to fictional versions of historical worlds. I’ve not made it through the entire series but the City of Masks sees a teen with brain cancer warping into an alternative Venice. There he’s healthy but up against a lot of challenges–trying to fit into an alternative world riddled with power struggles and other mischief.

Ranger’s Apprentice: Ruins of Gorlan (John Flanagan)

Flanagan’s up to four books thus far in the series. I keep meaning to get back to them–the first one was SO good. I’ll need Flanagan’s narrator Keating though, I think, to keep me going. See my full review here. A young man is apprenticed at 15 to the kingdom’s spy–despite his desire to be a warrior. Seeing him discover himself–and watching a brawny friend simultaneously struggle through the warrior training provides for a fast moving and engaging story.

Bartimaeus Triology: Amulet of Samarkand (Jonathan Stroud)

Now, how have I not done a review on this one? Hmmm….(digging through posts) Anywho– this was another audiobook delight during the many hours of back and forth from Lakeview to Auburn-Gresham. Simon Jones does an excellent narration of a story–told from the perspective of a frustrated but all knowing djinni with a wicked sense of humor. It follows an apprenticed magician in an England/alternative history where magicians controls the government. Stroud makes it a believe stretch of the imagination.

And I couldn’t remember it but I also wanted to send The Book of Mordred (Vivian Vande Velde) because she’d mentioned that he was interested in King Arthur. Put it on the list for next time…