The sheep of the world are not allowed to become magically incapable of growing more wool over the next two months.

And if that isn’t a way to start a blog post–what is?

Whilst chatting with M this evening, the subject arose of her expectation of a King’s Cake in the mail. M is from New Orleans originally, so Mardi Gras is in her blood. This turned to a discussion of Easter in generally and Lent in specific.

Lent and I, we don’t have a very good relationship. Generally you’re supposed to give something up for Lent–and one pastor I had recommended taking something up as well, out with the bad habits, in with the good. Normally the giving up is associated with something of the food variety. I became a tea drinker the year I gave up chocolate (age 8), and at some point in my teen years it just kind of went by the wayside. The Incredibly-Patient-Mother will back me up when I say I wasn’t particularly interested in much food to begin with, so giving up what I actually would eat was not a good idea.

Fortunately or unfortunately I still eat much the same way. Yes, I made Calico Beans and a giant Crockpot of beef stew this week but most of the time lunch is something frozen that I have around the apt and dinner involves lots of cereal. Chex and Cheerios are my favorites. But anyway–giving up food, probably not a good option.

So, as M and I talked, I came up with the idea that I should go on a brief yarn diet. I have lots of beautiful yarn in my home–why not give up buying yarn and knitting stuff (needles, etc) for two months? It will be more difficult than it sounds–I listen to knitting podcasts, hear about knitting sales, and feel the need to run up to the yarn store every now and then. And while it’s a cheaper habit than most, I can spend a lot very quickly.

But still, I assume sheep will still be woolly at the end of March–when M and I will be hanging out around a conference she’s attending. And if I’ve been good, I get to go to Loopy while she’s at the conference center.