I called the Brunette this morning to remind him that it’s the Blonde’s husband’s birthday. During the course of the call he asked if I would be in his wedding party! YAY!

I’ve never been in a wedding before. By the time my cousins started getting married I was way beyond traditional flower girl age. And I’ve been more than happy to just attend as a guest to the weddings of several good friends (which caused a huge sigh of relief for one girl who already had a party of 8 on each side). I know not everyone can stand up with you that day–otherwise we’d all stand and no one would be in the pews. Besides, that way someone can be in the back helping with details the bridal party can’t get to.

But I’m standing up for the Brunette!!

And trust me, he has awesome taste. If anyone can find me a bridesmaid dress that I’ll be happy to wear again, he and the Blonde will do it.

The Incredibly-Patient-Mother, also Most-Talented-Seamstress, has been put on notice to stand by for incoming dress that will almost certainly need alterations.