Speaking of the Raccoon–

Rochelle put up a “not a meme” asking what our level of technological savvy level is and confessing just where that fabulousness runs out.

I’m okay about the DTV thing–mostly because I just finally bought a TV in late October. I hadn’t owned one since 1999. My roommates had always had them–so I didn’t see a need to add another one to the mix. LiB has a nice post with coupons and a nifty handout about it.

My confessions?

I can read SQL but I’m pretty lousy at writing it raw. I do design work but I work entirely in Access, because that’s what my clients use. While this works out nicely for all of us–there are times I really wish I was a little better at writing it straight out. And don’t even get me started on CSS. It’s a continuing education goal I have.

I still own and am very happy with a sturdy point-and-click camera. It zooms, flashes and reduces red eye. And it takes great pictures. I’m not looking forward to the digital transition, even though I know I need to make it. I hate the delay on digitals–and that there doesn’t seem to a way to get around the delay. With a “one time” camera from Walmart or the grocery I aim, click and it takes–no waiting. With my camera I can turn the flash to required and click away.

I’m not looking forward to Hi Def. Blu-Ray seems to have won but I’m looking at my large DVD collection thinking– again? I just got rid of all my VHS tapes when I moved to Chicago. I’m hoping that’s going to be a slow upgrade.