Btw…for anyone interested, I did get my Pontiac back on Thursday. All in all, despite totally ruining an afternoon and rendering me pretty car-less for two days, it was a reasonably painless car accident.

My car was hit on Friday afternoon in the Walmart parking area. The lady who hit my car was responsible and stayed and had called her insurance company to claim fault by the time I made it outside. We called the police but the dispatcher advised us not to wait unless we thought the damage was over $2500. As I could still drive the car, we agreed to not wait.

I called both her insurance company and mine on Friday and while hers was a “well, you have to wait now,” the lady at mine was very nice and helped me get an idea of what I should expect to happen next. Monday, with permission from my boss–who gets an A for flexibility on this one, I stayed home and waited on Farm Bureau. I called them around 1 p.m. and discussed getting a quote and my need for a rental so I could work the following evening.

With a go ahead from the lady I spoke to, I got a quote from a local body shop and by 4 p.m. had a Taurus. Drove said Taurus for a little over two weeks–just long enough for my body to start adjusting to its nuances. A few days into it, I had an update from the body shop (“we’re ordering parts”) and about a week later I had a check from the insurance company. Thursday I rolled in, dropped off the Taurus and about 15 minutes later had the Gecko back! The car was duly named such because it is green and the Blonde’s Pontiac is the Pumpkin. I know…brilliant, right?

Anyway, all things considered this went very very smoothly. I can’t say I’d recommend it to anyone–certainly I didn’t really want that particular hassle, but Farm Bureau came through with great response and without arguments. And I sincerely hope it is the only time I get to experience their assistance in a matter of this sort.