One of the reasons I use Blogger is that it is tied to my Gmail account. Google has managed to compile just about every kind of tool I use on a regular basis and linked all of it to an email account whose formatting I love. But they’ve done something to Gmail that’s really getting on my nerves–they hid Blogger.

If you don’t use Gmail here’s a screen shot to make this a little more understandable:

Across the top of Gmail–there are links to the other parts of Google–> Reader, Documents, etc. There is also a “More” drop down–and Blogger used to head that list. Now, it’s nowhere to be found on the list and I have to go to “Even More” at the top of the list, which takes me to an entirely new page, to get to Blogger.

No warning of the change. It just happened one day. Not particularly convenient. And I don’t appear to have the option of customizing it to say I want XYZ Google Item Links across the top of my email. If anyone knows of such a customization feature–let me know.