The search was on for a baby shower gift this evening and it was an adventure I could have lived without. No worries, the Incredibly-Patient-Mother supervised via telephone.

A coworker is having her first baby soon and I wanted to get her something for herself. While I, too, enjoy cooing over little baby clothes and thinking of that first favorite toy, I’m also pragmatic enough to recognize that the baby is going to outgrow that 6 month suit awfully fast and most new parents receive more stuffed animals than are really useful.

Wait a second, I see a hand in the back. Ah, yes, knitting…yes there’s going to be a knitted object for said baby. But it’s not ready yet and the shower is tomorrow. Before I work on that though, I have to finish my godfather’s birthday gift. He’s turning sixty and gets priority when it comes to my knitting time.

Back on track–I went to Kohl’s. Dual purpose really, I have friends and family coming soon and wanted a couple of new towels for when they all arrive. Towels were easy but then I started looking for the expectant mother’s gift: a bathrobe. Something simple, something fluffy, reasonable color–these were my requirements. I’d decided to buy a larger size so she can wear it now and have some extra room to snuggle the baby in after the baby has woken her up for the 14th time on the third night in a row. Extra snuggly fabric to wrap oneself in isn’t a bad thing, right?

Except…Kohl’s doesn’t have any fluffy bathrobes now. Or rather, they had two on the clearance rack that were a noxious shade of pink. I don’t think she wants to look like she’s been hosed down with Pepto-Bismol at 3 a.m. I could be wrong, but I’ll err on the side of caution this time. After the employee I tracked down confirmed that they didn’t have any, while simultaneously managing to suggest my judgement was a little wonky in expecting them to carry bathrobes in *gasp* March–it was off to the mall.

Bath and Bodyworks always has ads out for “fluffy robes.” So I was off to B&B. Another employee and another gentle suggestion that I’m not thinking clearly because I expect to find fluffy robes. Any suggestions? “How about Victoria’s Secret?” she said.

Ladies and Gentleman, I apologize but I just couldn’t rectify using the phrases “Baby Shower Gift” and “Victoria’s Secret” complementary to each other. Yeah….

I hit a local department store and lo, there were a small handful of robes. Yea and they were pastels, very very very fluffy, and there were no zippers or beading or anything bizarre. And verily, they did have my credit card and I did make a beeline for elsewhere.

I put a gift receipt in the box, if she doesn’t like it–I wish her luck finding another bathrobe. I give up.