I don’t think I’m fully capable of a well thought out and mentally stimulating post today. Instead I’ll give you a few nibbles to carry you through until I’m a little more pulled together.

I’m trying to read:

Doesn’t She Look Natural

I say trying because I’ve dutifully made it through 237 pages between two lunches and my manicure today. It’s not a horrible book but I don’t like the style. I’d stop but for the fact that I’m 100 pages from finished and I want to reach the scene where the heroine finally realizes her ex-husband is a total jerk. It she doesn’t get there in about 50 more pages, I might have to strangle said heroine.

Knitting at Work:
The kids are doing really wonderfully! One of my coworkers who joined us is almost done with her baby hat–and the baby isn’t due for another month! I think we’re taking on a meter for the world’s longest scarf–assuming I can find some yarn we can use for that. There must be something acceptable in my stash.

Getting Ready for PLA:
I’ll be at PLA on Friday only. Right now it looks like lunch is going to be the NexGenLib meet up and I’ve been instructed by Our Lady of the Director’s Office that I need to make myself available to her whenever necessary. To this we say, “yes ma’am” and go home to figure out what to wear. Remember–sensible shoes for me means I don’t wear 4″ stilettos.

I got an Ego: That would be a storage device that looks like a flask. Most excellent! Even better, I can back up all of my database work on it–it was a business expense. This tidy little external drive is not expensive and it’s sleek and very portable. Definitely worth checking out.