We’re in the midst of a major web redesign at my library and I’m on the working team. Part of this work entails me scouring other websites to find out what they are using to reach out to those who fall under the umbrella of Youth Services. There are some things I like and some things I’m reeling over. Seriously–there must be a better term than “Fun Sites” …though the adjective “Tight” when applied to websites was wince worthy. It’s been a while since I heard a kid refer to something as “tight.” Personally, I think it would be fun to go with the “Most Excellent Sites, Dude!” (in true Bill and Ted style) but I might be overruled.

As I’m making various lists of things we need to have on our site and features I find ridiculous, I’m reminded that we need to have an Internet Safety thing on the Parent portion of all of this. And reading other people’s sites I stumbled across this gem.

“First, have your child show you how to access the Internet.”

Now, I’m fully aware there is still a lot of disconnect between people who are technologically savvy, computer savvy, web-information-literate, etc etc, fill in phrase-of-the-week/day/Twit here.

But this is on a website. Doesn’t that mean that said parent has already figured out how to access the internet, the library website, and this portion of the site? And while many of our four year olds are amazingly web competent, shouldn’t we be addressing this before they have their own MySpace page? Most of the other tips are pretty standard and are very good and useful tips. That one though? Hmm…..

Off to pick apart other sites. Once we get ours up I’ll let you know so you can point out my “duh” factors.