Sibling-the-Elder pointed out that I have gray and white hairs upon our last visit. Ahh, what are siblings for if not to point out one’s personal flaws? Personally, I don’t go looking for them, I know they’re there but will continue to ignore them for a few more years.

But I’ve noticed something of late that I think does date me. I don’t like how the current round of teen male heartthrobs are styling their hair.

Flash back to the late 90s when I was in high school. Though a few of them, the Tech Sergeant included, had longish cuts, it was of the three inches long, center-part look. That lasted until about the end of freshman year, when such “long” hair, was no longer cool. Then came what I could probably best describe as the “Jared“/”Dr. Ross” look. If you watched Pretender or ER, this should be a pretty obvious cut–short on the sides, a little bit longer on the top (no more than an inch and a half), combed forward or just slightly to the side with gel. This was pretty standard issue until after I graduated.

Back to the present and we have the HSM Zac /Jonas Brothers/NBB look. It’s longer, describing it involves the word bangs, and I imagine it requires a lot more styling time. I imagine these boy’s bathrooms to have blow dryers, straightening irons and possible even something like a curling iron. Seriously–have you looked at some of these magazine covers? J14 is a prime source of where to look. Now, granted, many of the young men I see in the library haven’t fully embraced this look (though I have seen one Rat Tail) but still. I want to march these teens to the nearest barber and demand that their hair no longer be brushing their shirt collars. It looks messy.

And that, no doubt, makes me old.