This week has apparently been about being distracted. In the past 48 hours I have managed, twice, to heat water to boiling on a gas stove, turn the tea kettle off and wander away from said tea kettle without ever having made a cup of tea.

Yesterday I had some excuse–I was on the phone having a meeting with NY while I was ostensibly making tea. Said meeting was kind of fractured, which may have led to my fractured awareness of the kettle. Post meeting, as I lounging on the bed pretending I was a lady of leisure and didn’t have to get up and go to work, I recalled that I had turned the kettle on. Had I turned it off? I couldn’t hear it–and the gas is noisy enough I should have been able to, so it was off the bed and out to the kitchen to check. After all, we had a fire safety thing at work last week and I had just learned how to use a fire extinguisher.

Stove was off but the kettle was very hot to touch. Okay…

This evening? No reason, no phone distractions. Just me, apparently not quite focused enough to pour hot water into a mug with a tea bag proclaiming itself to contain Darjeeling. The kettle was warm enough to touch that I probably turned it on an hour or so ago, allowed it to heat, and then turned it off on my way to do something else. And I can’t even plead something interesting, like deep spring cleaning or a particularly difficult knit stitch.

Ah well, such it is. And now, if you’ll excuse me, the tea kettle is boiling.