It’s easy to focus on the moments that spoil a day. The part where a child got upset, or wasn’t attended to, when you couldn’t find a book that “should” be there, or the occasional moment when you’re ready to send everyone home for a nap—adult patrons included.

And then…there are the good moments:

When the ‘too cool’ high school freshman ask if I’ll come play Taboo with them–and I can for a few minutes.

When a search with a reluctant reader identifies that maybe a book about talking owls might be acceptable.

When two “regular” kids are so excited to tell me where they’re taking the boat today (we have a giant boat that gets heavily played upon) and insist that I come join them for a ride through monster and shark infested carpet.

When I walk past the boat and see siblings curled over books, so engaged in their reading that they don’t hear all of the ambient noise.

When a patron comes hesitantly to ask what the limits are on checking out materials and I tell them “none” and her children celebrate–and pile up two huge stacks of books to read.

When a teenager comes back to you and says “Yeah, that was a good suggestion” on a book you ‘casually’ passed their way.

The good moments should be recorded, that they may stick out in our minds and be reminders as we allow some of the frustrating times to fade.