I had the chance to meet David Rothman in person yesterday. We frolicked amongst the MLA Poster sessions (that’s me right there in the beginning, the short one with the beads) and joined in the enthusiasm and occasional snarkiness of that many cool people stuffed into one place. I was carrying a knitting project with me, which sparked at least three conversations. Yarn–it’s a unifier!

It was quite the reinforcement of the changing face of communication that, other than the fact we’d never actually HAD a cup of coffee together before, David and I have been friends for at least three years. Instead of any first meeting strangeness, it was catching up with an old friend, sharing crazy stories and scheming.

And, at his repeated pestering over three hours, I finally agreed to consider giving Twitter a try. I hopped in this morning and within seconds had friends and colleagues signing up to follow yet another form of my random stream of consciousness. I’m using the same screen name as I have on Meebo (hedgielib). So, apparently, at least for a few weeks, I twit.

Ahh this wonderful world of the interwebs. It means I respond in public to “Hedgie,” that I have managed to send a meme overseas (thanks Jennie), and that I have the chance to be regularly inspired by people I may never “actually meet.”