Case of the Bizarre Bouquets
An Enola Holmes Mystery
Nancy Springer

This third installment in the Enola Holmes mysteries delightfully picks up where the previous books have left off. While not quite strong enough to stand on its own as a separate novel, it is still a pleasant addition to this popular series.

Enola, Sherlock’s little sister, is still hiding from her brother in London. But now she has an especially tough case–Dr. Watson has disappeared. Inventing new personae, chatting up Mrs. Watson, and determining just how people of that the late 19th century found ways to alter their appearances, Enola is off on the trail, with cryptic floral references trailing her at every step.

Enola is a delightfully independent young woman and one admires her preference for making her own way. While the idea of a fourteen year old passing for an adult in London is a bit of a stretch, it’s not unrealistic in a time period where children more commonly worked. It’s also an incredibly refreshing series in that Enola does not have and is not interested in finding a boyfriend. She’s happy living her own life and outwitting her brother.

Consider this series for younger children looking for an independent role model, a girl who is a little bored with all of the “mean girl” or “goal in life is to get the boy” books, or a younger teen who might need a little boost in reading.