Got your attention didn’t I?

One of my favorite romance authors of all time, Julia Quinn, has a new book out. And said new book was waiting on my doorstep for me when I got home last night, which was pretty nifty. Unfortunately, I was too exhausted to do much more than crawl in the door with all the stuff that I’d drug home from the Incredibly-Patient-Mother’s house, chuck it it in a heap, and collapse into a small heap on the bed. But trust me, it’s going to the top of the reading pile pronto.

Julia’s newsletter came out this morning with an alert that you can, for a limited time, read one of her most popular books online in entirety for free. (Say that one three times fast!)

So if you’ve been trying to understand my bizarre obsession with happily-ever-after not very ripping bodice rippers or you just need something to pass the time one a dull afternoon, The Duke and I is available here.