It takes months for me to get my body on a daytime functional schedule. It takes me 24 hours to revert to being nocturnal and very happy with that.

At 5 a.m. on Sunday morning, I finally bribed myself into going to bed. I’d been telling myself that I was waiting for the storms to pass, as wave after wave of thunderstorms and downpours swept through. I hadn’t been outside in almost 24 hours but I watched as the parking lot puddles got deeper and we had not only some truly fantastic lightning but also a rainbow (photo soon if I can pick one I like).

But as I sat cross-legged on my futon working on yet another repeat of the shawl, I considered sleeping. And four times I put it off for another row and another podcast. I’ve been catching up on back episodes of Lime & Violet, a very giggly knitting podcast. There’s a lot of ridiculousness to it, but in that there is a lovely escape. Hearing them talk about the opening of The Loopy Ewe (now very popular online) and just gaining perspective on things that were supposed to happen and never did, or now seem very far in the past.

But it makes Monday morning so much earlier when one has joined nocturnal world again. And even though I know I should go to bed at 11:30 when my body has it’s “first round of feeling sleepy” it is far more likely that I’ll be up ’til 3 a.m., listening to pods, reading a book and realizing that I have to be up in four hours for work.

It’s now Wednesday and I’m allllmost back to daytime functioning. A LARGE mug of coffee helps with that, as does a health dose of storytime (adrenaline in the form of small children). But while I promise myself I’ll “go to bed at a reasonable hour” tonight–I know I’m just as likely to be up until 2 a.m., watching a movie, catching up on the ironing, and tackling the paperwork that keeps piling up higher.

Sleeping until noon on Saturday–whose with me?