It was my turn to do the “big programs” at the branches this week. Incidentally, I went first of the staff members doing there. Now, it’s Friday and I’ve completed mine and it isn’t even June 15th. Method to the madness.

Each of us chose bugs to focus on–I picked ladybugs. I thought it would be relatively easy to find stories about ladybugs and the Incredibly-Patient-Mother offered to help me plan appropriate songs.

It ended up being a little harder than planned–origami is tough for small hands and I had tied on an extra set of legs. You would think that would be helpful but they got in the way. Still, we got through quite the rousing rounds of “We’re Going on a Bug Hunt…” and “Miss Ladybug Says.” These kids are far better than I am at listening for the Simon Says cue…

And the facilities crew may never let me live down the pigtails. Oh well, I’m sure Princess Leia buns will follow at some point.

Me…with antennae

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