Apparently it’s snark central this week. I’m not sure what has set everyone off: good weather, bad weather, the end of the Democratic primaries, the full moon; everyone seems to be in quite the mood.

I’m by no means the exception. After nearly twenty minutes of listening to a child’s voice drone pedantically, I went diving for my headphones. Usually the sound of children reading aloud doesn’t bother me but today it was just too much. I couldn’t understand the child and the tone was grating on that one nerve that just couldn’t take it anymore.

There’s a reason I have chocolate in the top drawer of my desk.

I wonder what it is that’s setting people off. Are we all frustrated because kids have summer off and we want summer off too? Have we all just reached the proverbial limit for whining and bs? I’ll admit to having a sore tongue from biting it so many times today.

If there was a giant bag of stuff-that-make-you-mellow lollipops I could pass out, I’d be tempted to. Along with mandatory “go get some sunshine” breaks and an extra afternoon off where you were required to go read somewhere quiet while enjoying a favorite snack.

Unfortunately that’s not going to happen today, I’ll be here ’til close with the picked clean DVD shelves and the swarms of children whose parents haven’t seen them since dawn, or at very least 9 a.m. when they dropped them off here for the day.

Me and my York Peppermint Patties…