When I was in junior high/high school, I read through silhouette romances like one might expect teens today to go through magazines and TMZ entries–REALLY fast. The librarian in charge of buying them at the time (also, incidentally the teen librarian) was really good about getting new ones in and swapping things out so I almost always could find ones I hadn’t read before. No question that those things circulated. 🙂

There was one I really really liked. And I’ve been on the hunt for it for about a year or so. This evening, in an amazing effort to waste my own time, I went looking again.

AND I FOUND IT! I ended up going to PaperBackSwap and scrolling through all the Series: Silhouette Romance (MANY titles…alphabetically) and suddenly a title looked correct. I plugged it into a search engine and within seconds had confirmed it.

Husband Next Door by Anne Ha

While this may not have been the most efficient way of locating the book, considering all of my other searches have been amazingly fruitless–I’ll take this! There was even a copy on PBS so I’ve ordered it and hopefully it will be here soon. Otherwise, I may have to look for used copy on Amazon.

Happy dance as I enjoy my frivolity.