Though certainly not as bad as it was when I lived in New York and passed three Starbucks on my way to work, I have a mild addiction to Starbucks. In the winter, it’s vanilla lattes and blueberry scones. In the summer, venti iced green tea with a single pump of classic. I wrote my undergraduate thesis at one on the north side of Indianapolis; I have had innumerable talks with friends, addressing all kinds of drama at others.

It was something Sibling-the-Elder pointed out as a bonus when I moved to La Crosse that I wasn’t really that far from the local Starbucks. Not an around the corner stroll but certainly right on the way to work and I could rollerblade.

It’s one of the 600 they are closing

There’s a lot of whining going on at Chez Hedgehog. It was a super long tough day filled with completely uncontrolled children, parents who are more interested in their laptop screens than they are their four year olds (seriously–one got outside today before anyone noticed), and just not enough sanity to go around. My business manager and Madame Director both came by for piece of chocolate and I think the RefQueen was headed down for it this evening.

Ah well, there’s still three independent coffee shops downtown and I own an espresso machine and a coffee maker. And a tea kettle that gets a ridiculous amount of use when it’s not eleventy-hundred degrees out.

I suppose I’ll survive. Somehow.