And here I am, running a couple of days late even on my own anniversary. My actual anniversary was Wednesday–so we’ll just say I saved the celebration for the weekend.

Again, I’m overwhelmed at the changes that have come in the past year. As days drift slowly by and hours sometimes seem endless–months are fleeing rapidly and I’m wondering where the years are going. Last year I noted

“A year ago today I began this blog, living in a different state, working a very different job.”

Today, I repeat that sentiment. This year finds me happier in my work, sad about the distance between me and many of my friends (not drivable), and wondering what comes next. It appears I may keep my new year’s resolution of not moving in 2008. Trying to break a cycle I’ve had since the age of 16 of at least one move a year. I think a decade of that truly enough, don’t you?

Two years and 485 posts later…***noisemakers*** ***champagne pop***

Thank you for joining me.