“I just did the world’s fastest sprint over there for Good Morning!”

–Good Morning is a scent of soap just released by Happy Housewife Soaps and Sundries. She did a big update last night and there was a huge swarm of soap/perfume sharks. Most of the soaps are sold out (she started with 23 scents, currently has 8) but stuff available here. Good stuff. 🙂

“XX skeins of yarn jump into my cart, that’s what happens.”

–Apparently the yarn diet is over. I’ll let you fill in the blank of just HOW much yarn I got. Suffice to say it was a lot. (Sale is at WEBS) And yes, it was a two figure number so no greater than 99.

“I assume our energy levels are under control today?”

–I’m the mean librarian, I send people home when they launch themselves across the room at an 8 ft. giraffe. A little pre-emptive warning today.