I did make it back from New York and the Brunette’s wedding shower before midnight last night but crawled into bed shortly after arriving home. Something about air travel and lots of pulling together of a wedding shower that lasted nearly eight hours–it takes it out of a girl.

It was a weekend of old and new friends, of leaky tents and sunbathing by the pool, of glamorous and messy, and of tons of hugs and kisses.

“We used to sit around talking about finals, now we talk about weddings.”
(Another engagement was announced this weekend from amongst my college friends.)

“Yes, I even came back with the same girlfriend.”
(DBG–talking about a trip to Italy)

“There are wire and shiny things!”
(A reaction from the groom at the wedding shower–talking about a card)

“I’m just the un-edited portion of your brain.”
(To one of my coworkers)

And if you’re one of my facebook friends–the photos are up from the shower. I didn’t post them but if you look at pics I’m tagged in you can pop over there. One of the groomsmen took a lot of great pics.