When I got back from NY late Sunday night and hopped into my car I noticed a strange new sound. The Gecko (one green pontiac) screeching generally is not a good thing and when it happened again on Monday–I called my garage. Dropped it off this morning, heard by 10:30 the diagnosis (new front breaks), and picked it up at 12:45 p.m. The car is running even more quietly than I’m used to and I know I have fresh brakes for trip to the Incredibly-Patient-Mother’s next month. But it got me thinking about people I regularly rely on–because in CHI, I didn’t have regular “car guys” and that resulted in issues we won’t go into.

People Everyone Needs (or at least I do…)

1) Someone you can call/text/IM at 3 a.m. for advice –double points if they’ll come over.

2) Reliable car repair people –someone who is honest about the cost, understands you don’t always know the innards of your car, and can get things fixed without it taking forever.

3) Someone you trust with scissors/razor/curling iron. Occasionally we all need a trim, up-do, and–in my case–three inches off the bottom and layers please?

4) Someone who will assist in the pampering of you: massage therapist, nail specialist, chiropracter: whatever is your preferred method of self-indulgence. It’s good for the body, good for the self esteem, good for the soul.

5) A friend who understands your hobby/collection. We all have something.

6) Someone with very different interests than yours. They help you find new things to discuss whether it be Cold War architecture, Oprah book club selections, fly-fishing. It also makes you come up with good analogies: I use handdyed yarn, they use hand tied flies.

Anyone I missed?