At least, I will be on Sunday. I’m hanging out with the one of my best friends and his parents.

In preparation of getting ready to go:

“I forgot to plan around the orange hat. I’m going to have to go home and reevaluate. Can a pink tank top work with a burnt orange hat?”

Discussing seafood–which I don’t eat:

“When the eating instructions at the table involve “cut/tear the head off…” and it’s not a marshmallow peep or chocolate rabbit…”

And what are we on?

“Plan Q…because we know I passed plans A, B and C a looooong time ago.”

While Madame Director found it both amusing and…strangely normal, I still don’t think she was expecting me to announce that I was going to an alpaca festival over the weekend. Hiking and fishing, okay… alpaca and Stephen King? But the 50SPF and I are off having a marvelous time. The alpaca yarn and I will be home soon.

(Have I mentioned how much I love scheduling posts in advance?)