My third day in Colorado, after alpacas, we drove into Rocky Mountain National Park and up the mountain trail. It’s a single car wide hard pack dirt road that winds you up through the mountains. Relatively tight turns and constant climbing, along with quite a number of stunning sites to pull over and photograph the view. Some of these are out the window of the SUV, some are when we would pull over and hop out. These are only a few.

It felt like you could see forever

Even in the last days of August there was still snow

They let you climb 200 feet or so up to the top of this mountain. Our hearts were racing on the climb from the lack of oxygen but once at the top we were okay. We were above the treeline. What does it say about humans when we climb above where the trees can’t grow?

Oh….right–that we like an incredible view.

On the way back down we caught this pretty lady by the side of the road. Many of the cars stopped and people hopped out to take pictures as she had a snack and then crossed to the other side.