If you skipped last weeks posts, well–you missed some awfully pretty pictures. But when you put Tech Sergeant and I in the same place/conversation for very long, something crazy is going to come out.

“It’s proof of how long we’ve known each other: he can see the skepticism through my sunglasses.”
–Me to TS’s dad. Did you see how big the sunglasses I was wearing were?

“Death and despair and lizards and such”
–Tech Sergeant’s description of Nevada

“Here fish, fish, fish, fish…”
–My tried and true fishing call. I will attest that it worked, I caught a trout, much to the relief of the patient guide who kept telling me I was casting appropriately but the fish just weren’t biting. JB was awesome.

“I’m impassioned about 25 cent tacos.”
–Tech Sergeant, why he wanted the Rockies to win.

“There was bat movement and then he looked displeased.”
–It’s better than my play-by-play of football.

“I aspire to be your desktop.”
–Me in full hipwaders, it’s the closest I’ll get to being a calendar girl.