(The first part of the saga.)
Ahh the tracking of the elusive music cd. It’s a slow hunt. A REALLY slow hunt.

My latest printout was about 40-50 sheets long. Truth be told, I didn’t count. I just found out the hard way that it is taking me on average about 10 minutes per page to track down the cds that weren’t on the shelf if there is nothing else distracting me. And I have 12 pages left at present count.

The process for each cd that isn’t checked off yet:

Is the cd checked out?

If no, when did they get returned? If within last 10 days, I will assume it is actually here.

If they are recently returned or checked out–do I need to see them/pull for replacement? If yes, mark on list in green (if in) or place hold (if out).

If they are “in” but haven’t been touched in a couple of months and weren’t on the shelf when I went through it–go to another screen and mark them as missing. If someone returns/checks out the cd, they’ll go back to regular status. If not, we’ll look around a few more times and then there will be some pruning. Either way, once in a missing status patrons can’t put holds on them, so there are fewer disappointed patrons and consequently, fewer frustrated staff.

One line at a time–and some of these pages have a full half page of stuff. The good news is that a surprising number of the cds that weren’t on the shelf were checked out. I was envisioning a far greater number of missing records. I hadn’t realized that many parents and kids were picking up music. Yay that.

And that money I got to replace cds? Well….let’s just say I went a little over budget. So I have a healthy “back up list” that I’ll pull from once we know final prices on the cds and probably well into next year’s budget.

It’s been a pretty hefty amount of work but, all in all, once I finish, it will have been just over a week. Not a bad time investment considering the return is happier staff who can find cds patrons ask for and hopefully happier patrons who can find enjoyable music on cds that are in good shape.

So I think it’s worth my time, even if I still don’t understand why the previous selector bought five copies of the Chicken Little soundtrack.

(For that matter–neither does she)