While it takes a concentrated effort for me to get through most of the review journals (School Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, etc.), usually involving a house/trance/techno soundtrack and a full jar of coffee (32 oz), Publisher’s Weekly is my brain break, easily skimmed through and passed on to the next person even during the more frequent of interruptions.

It’s also where I get caught up on what’s coming out from the adult authors I read. As I think is the nature of most of us–I see my library almost exclusively as my place of work. I don’t come here during my off hours to browse the shelves for new things, even though I should. Other than the occasional quick pass through the new books shelves, I rely almost entirely on the PW Bestseller’s lists and other RSS notifications to warn me when I should be putting something on hold.

My library allows us to have ten holds at a time. At present I have only nine, but I picked up two items today and placed another hold within about five minutes of retrieving those holds from the ever patient front desk staff. And of those holds? Eight haven’t arrived at the libraries yet, may not have been published yet. But I’m waiting for them.

Holds lists are a fabulous invention. It lets me reserve something when I think of it or come across it, even if someone else is already enjoying it. I don’t have to only scour the shelves at my local location, I can grab from any and everywhere around my consortium. And very patient staff grab the books I want, bring them to me, and check out my items for the third time this week.

Speaking on that, I need to go place a hold 🙂