Guess what state I’m in? (Beyond the state of confusion or exhaustion, I’m an almost permanent resident there.)

Clue #1: It’s not Wisconsin.

As some of you know, I like dance music. My-Friend-the-Lawyer often sends me mixes and tracks he thinks I should hear and I have a YouTube list that I usually have running when I need to zone out and get down to work. DJ Steve Boyette also does some nice stuff. But it was a long week this week and by Thursday this was indicative of my mood:

“The dance music isn’t working. I’m not perky.”

And a bit of a story today for you. An acquaintance of mine just welcomed a second child. Beautiful healthy boys, both. And they’ve chosen traditional names.




And…I’m a children’s librarian. (Hands up if you can see where this one is going–and yes, you’re required to sing along.)

May I be the only person whose first reaction on hearing the baby’s name was to exclaim, “John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt…his name is my name too….” and then stop and look really really guilty.

This is what happens when your brain is full of nursery rhymes.