Yesterday one of my best friends, the Brunette, was married. I had the honor to be in his wedding party, even though that meant transporting my dress on two planes (after having it mailed to the Incredibly Patient Mother and driving to/from her house to get it hemmed) and buying two pairs of shoes because we went from gold to black at some point (June? Maybe?).

“When he says brunch does that mean brunch bring something comfortable to wear on Sunday or brunch bring another pair of heels and skirt?”
(When you’re flying half way across the country, you need to know what shoes to bring.)

“Did you tell him I have waist length hair?”
(The hairdresser. You warned him right?)

“I just found four pair of tweezers in the bottom of my make up bag.”
(That explains where they sneaked off to when I couldn’t find them. I hope they’re not like coat hangers….)

“I put on a little mascara for the dentist.”
(Discussing with Sibling-the-Elder waterproof mascara the night before a dental appt after I practiced “wedding make up”)

Congratulations AJ & DJ! And thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.