After seeing the Incredibly-Patient-Mother off last Tuesday, I headed to City Hall to get my vote in. As we’re facing a 14 hour day at the library tomorrow (for which, thankfully, I’ll only be present for about ten hours of…), and since I usually have at least an hour long meeting first thing–it definitely behooved me not to make the day any fuller than it needed to be.

I was surprised and pleased at how easy it was. I work at a public library and a number of the staff had been through training to take voter registration–so registering was as simple as tracking down Our Lady in Charge of Circulation. I’d changed my driver’s license in early September so as to be able to vote in this election. I stopped in at City Hall and within about ten minutes everything was done. My vote had been cast for the next President.

If you have gone early or voted absentee–great. If you haven’t, please make sure to get out tomorrow and vote. We’re a democracy, not an oligarchy.

I’ll catch you on Wednesday if I’m still standing.