The more I knit, the more ideas I get of things I should knit for people for Christmas. So then I cast those projects on and think of more things. It’s a loop that is set to run right up until around 6 p.m. Christmas day–when I’ll probably have seen all of the people who are receiving Christmas knits. At which point I’ll have to start after-Christmas knits (maybe some stuff for me?) because a) I live in freezing Wisconsin and b) my hands will be so used to constantly knitting that I’ll have to work on something to maintain my sanity.

No, unfortunately I’m not joking. I knitted pretty much non-stop last year in December and by the time I finished the holiday projects I was quite literally unable to just sit and converse. Fortunately, the Incredibly Patient Mother had some knitting tucked away that I could work on to keep from just sitting in a very fidgety manner.

Things to note: I never want to knit another pair of gloves ever again in my entire life. Sibling-the-Younger requested a pair and while this was a first from a family member (knitted request), I don’t think I’ll be doing more of these any time soon. I can do a pair of fingerless mitts in about 8 hours. With fingers nearly doubles the time and I had 9 double pointed knitting needles in one glove at one point.

I am trying a new pattern for a number of gifts this year: Turn a Square by Jared Flood. Jared’s patterns have been received with high acclaim and this one is pretty addictive. Of course, I did have to come in this morning with one of the finished products and track down a couple of male coworkers to double check size but I certainly would recommend this pattern! The rest of the knitting world is doing the Noro scarf (again, Jared Flood) — I’m making hats. Hey, they only take 3-4 hours. Another coworker seemed stunned when I mentioned how long they take to make. Yes, there’s time involved, which is why I’m knitting mostly for people I am closely related to. But it’s four hours of time at home, with an audiobook or a movie or a friend on the phone. When I finally catch up with the Tech Sergeant, it’s good to be able to sit down and knit something moderately mindless while I’m hearing all the details.

So, that’s my plan for December. Me and the wool.