Hey! Some good press for libraries. Libraries offer free relief from tough times

Since you’re reading a librarian’s blog I generally assume you’re one of the converted masses who understands that there is a mass of adult and kids programs, books, dvds, music cds, downloadable stuff, computer access etc. And, yes, sometimes you can finegle extra guru library services from me when you need help with research.

And it is free–kind of. It’s supported by your tax money. Kind of nice to get something tangible for your tax dollars. So make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, go check some stuff out!

And a reminder to the Brunette, since he travels a lot–did you know you can download free audiobooks from NYPL that are Ipod compatible? Give you something extra to listen to on all those plane trips. Overdrive is slowly rolling these out, so if your library has an overdrive subscription, they will hopefully be coming to most libraries across the US.