I’m one of those people who, despite all the new and fabulous calendar gadgets that abound on computer and telephone, really still does best with a day planner where I can see each month as a whole. That would be a print day planner where I write things in. It’s one of the first things in and out of the work bag.

And I don’t have my 2009 planner yet. Our Lady of the Business Office promises me that weather permitting, it should be in tomorrow. But I finally gave up today and printed a calendar for the first three months of 2009. Then I painstakingly went through every day of my work calendar and my department calendar for January and wrote everything down. Duplication? Yes. Giving Me a Much Better Idea of my January Schedule? Yes. Providing me with Sanity and Clarity? Well…I won’t go that far just yet. More sanity than if I hadn’t done it.

I know I’ll have to copy it over once I get the new day planner. But for now I can SEE what’s coming up. Something about it being neatly on paper where I don’t have to scroll.

It’s one of those little ways I hope to take control of life. Along with the never ending, always changing to do lists.

For that I really do try to use Remember the Milk (Gmail widget) but I have a dedicated notebook that, like Donna Andrew’s character Meg Lanslow would say, tells me when to breathe.

One of these days I won’t overextend my schedule. That will not be today though.