You know, I’m getting awfully tired of reading the rounds of books that were supposedly so carefully edited and presented as memoirs. Not genuine memoirs but the ones where within three months of publication there is a retraction of the story because people figured out that it was false?

Another one hit the boards.

I’d originally written about Angel Girl here.

Catching up on my feeds post holiday, I see that the memoir that was being published on this story has been canceled as the Holocaust survivor who it is about has come forward to say he was making the crucial part up.

I found this a beautiful, touching story. That it was based in well-researched fact I was willing to accept. This is not a typo, kids. This is bad fact-checking. The story was a lie. Have the publishers have forgotten that to not fact check is to lose revenue? The editing portion of my brain hurts now. I don’t think Sudafed will fix this one.