One of the tasks that has landed on my plate over the past year is the care and feeding of our Overdrive collection. I am part of a state-wide group that meets every quarter to decide what audiobooks we’ll make available to our patrons. The last two orders, we’ve been able to start adding mp3, rather than the DRM-laden WMA files. I don’t listen to as many audiobooks as I’d like–I can’t listen and re-design database forms for the 5th time this year. But that’s another blog post.

On the last selection, I noticed that one of the authors available for mp3 selection (it’s a short list) was Christine Feehan. I’m a big fan of her “Dark” series, it’s one of the few series I own the majority of the books. Knowing she’s been on the bestseller list within the past year for at least one of her books, I thought she’d made a good choice for Overdrive.

In the meeting, which was probably 8 or 9 of us from the different library consortia, I learned that apparently I’m the only one who reads paranormal adult romance. But they were willing to take my word that Feehan should circulate and the orders went in. Today I went back to Overdrive to put another hold on a title and I did a quick search for the Feehan books.

All of them are out with multiple holds on them. Granted, demand is slightly skewed because we don’t have that many mp3 books yet, but I feel a little bit vindicated. I’m not the only one in Wisconsin listening to these books. (Actually, I don’t listen to them, I prefer text for her stuff. But that aside…)