When I left the house at nearly 2 p.m., it was nearly 40 degrees.

These high 30 degree temperatures are ones where I’ll willingly go outside! And, since once never knows truly if within three days we’ll be faced with a foot of snow and nothing but grey skies, I headed for the walking trail.

Alongside a drainage ditch (I assume…it’s about 10′ high and concrete but there’s a little water draining into it from somewhere) and the train tracks, there’s a very nice walking trail. It’s not a picturesque forest trail, situated as it is between the backs of houses and the train, but there are trees and a little bit of grass on either side and it’s peaceful and it’s located just across the street, which is really most convenient.

Armed with earphones, my Rose-Hulman mug of tea (courtesy of Sibling-the-Younger) and-wonder of wonders–only a jacket, it was onward. The listening was Cast On, a knitting podcast by Brenda Dayne. I’m woefully behind on all but one of my pods but I’m starting to work through the near gigabyte of backlog.

Today was obviously the first day of really nice weather we’ve seen in six weeks. I’ve never seen the walking trail that busy. Not that we were tumbling over each other but there was a steady stream of couples, dog walkers, people out jogging, a pair of tweens–one with heely-shoes, and a biker. And, of course, me, headed generally south and geeking out on a knitting podcast.

It was a pleasant walk for all the navigating people. There were dips where water covered the walkway and I’m hoping the rain due for Monday will wash away some of the remainders the dogs have left behind. I acknowledged a couple of people, no one I knew, but each of us firmly determined to get outside today and enjoy a little bit of sunshine. There was a general sense of well-being and yes, we would get outside again and we were going to embrace these warmer temps!

Returning home an hour later, I had only one little complaint. I’d neglected to wear any sort of glove or mitt and the jacket I’d worn wasn’t especially meant to help keep my hands warm. So my hands were stiff with chill and even yet are a little sore. I’ve been pretty good about wearing heavy gloves this winter, though not even fleece seems to ward off the arctic temperatures we’ve had. Once some of the current projects are done, perhaps I’ll get to some mitts for myself.

Tomorrow looks to be another nice, albeit cool, day. Perhaps I’ll get out again. Spending time outside like this is such a necessity, especially as we’ve not hit March yet and I don’t think winter’s blown her last breath.