One of the more *insert adjective of your choice* teens at work calls me “Miss Serious.” While I have refrained from responding in a fashion that would probably get me in trouble, I have chosen to ignore the name calling–mostly because the teen doesn’t get it. This teenager, at height of angst and faux-wit, fails to realize that I’m not being serious: I’m being sarcastic.

I’ve been light on the blog recently–there’s not a lot right now in the library profession that has really struck a chord of late. Certainly there’s much going on and many conversations but not ones I’ve felt especially inclined to take part in other than an occasional comment on FriendFeed. And when faced with the profession as a whole, I get the same feeling that I have about the teenage patron–they don’t get when I’m being sarcastic.

Obviously there are exceptions to this broadsweeping statement. There are any number of good web-based professional contacts/friends that I’ve made who fully have learned my voice, even though they’ve never heard me speak or seen a wry smile accompanying a comment. It is, however, a little harder to apply an air-cuffing (implying a wack upside the head) against some of the lunacy and internal nonsense that we all seem to be beating our heads against.

The overall cynicism level is at a high of late too—a lot of the bloggers I read and know are writing tirades and declaiming at full voice. There’s anger and frustration and sarcasm. Perhaps we just need spring. Or perhaps library science needs spring.

I still haven’t been able to find anyone willing to take me up on my offers of help when it comes to ALA, which leaves me more disillusioned than ever. When the only real barrier I can see is my current inability to take time off twice a year to fly across country and spend vast quantities of money for twenty minute meetings and social activities….oh, wait, there goes the cynicism again. And before anyone asks, yes, I’ve volunteered through the formal channels and the informal ones too and no, I’m not going to be able to go to Midwinter and Annual on a regular basis every year–continuing to have that expectation is paralyzingly restrictive for those of us unable or unwilling to spend a couple of grand each year* and quite possibly the majority of our vacation days on those singular events.

I’m not against helping or working hard. It is difficult though when one jumps up and down and offers assistance and continues to be ignored. And stalking committee chairs has never really been my style.

There is a lot of good things going on of late and I will try to get some blogs out about those, because after a week of drama that wasn’t bloggable, I think I too need to look at some more chipper things.

Let me go find my happy. I think I left it in one of my wool bins.

* Airfare: $400; Hotel/Ground Transportation: $200; Food: $200; Registration: $150 –already we’re near $1000 and that’s just the basics.