I’ve recently started reading Neil Gaiman’s blog. He’s a wonderfully accessible author, very forthcoming and giving of his time if you want to follow along. And on a “just took myself to see Coraline and read The Graveyard Book” high, I was especially excited with he announced that he had a picture book coming out.

Blueberry Girl
by Neil Gaiman
Illustrated by Charles Vess

Blueberry Girl was a joint project between author and illustrator, something I’m finding is rare in the publishing world. Gaiman offers up beautiful text of a gentle poem, a prayer for a new baby girl. He blends hope and praticality, with a touch of humor and obvious love the the child for whom the poem was originally written. Vess adds charming pictures that blend fantasy, whimsy, and energy. His little girls are energetic, enthusiastic children, embracing the world and ready to engage the animals and fairy creatures alongside.

It’s a book I want to share with all the little girls I know. I highly recommend you find a copy.