I keep starting posts and not finishing them. I really must clean out that draft folder. Wittiness, wisdom, and hedgehoggy humor await their turn in the spotlight.

Just a quick update on things here.

I’m swimming in yarn again at work. People very generously to donate to the kids group and I hit a garage sale with Our Lady of the Business Office on Friday. It’s mostly acrylic but it is bright colors and that’s important to my kids. Renewed swimming is good–because we were starting to run low. The kids have gone through a TON of yarn this spring and we still have a month.

But then I’m also swimming in yarn at home, which might not be as good. If anyone thinks I’m jesting, check out the Flickr set. Though a fair number of those have been knitted up or donated or sent away (about 55, look for the gone/used tag), the majority are still taking over the den. This whole life thing, it gets in the way of my knitting time.

I’m taking a Digital Content Management Course, or will be as soon as we figure out why I’m not getting the lessons. I’ve emailed, hoping for a prompt answer.

Databases are steady but not in the frantic sense of last month. We’ve figured out some calculations that should make life much easier and less complicated for New York–yay!! Taking three-four hours out of my Managing Editor’s monthly tabulations = win.

I read four books over the weekend, one of them an audiobook and yes, about 8 of the 9.5 hours was listened to between Saturday and Sunday. I’m knitting a shrug for a Raccoon offspring and needed something to focus on during all that K1P1 ribbing. John Flanagan and John Keating (Ranger’s Apprentice series available from Recorded Books) are a wickedly awesome combination and now I’m sad that I have to wait until book five comes in and goes through the other two people before me on the hold list. Yes, I could grab the hardcover copy over in teen but I’ve found with this series I really prefer to listen. At least it’s coming in and book six will be here in August, just as I fall down after summer reading.

I confirmed again today with my orthodontist that I really don’t want oral surgery. He seems to think not having it was his idea. It wasn’t. Band date for lower half of the mouth: June 12, which is the day before summer reading kicks off. I’ll be having Advil for breakfast and lunch that Saturday.

Summer Reading is coming and I feel pretty good about it. I’m seeing how many creative ways we can use up a ton of tissue paper (gift wrap kind, not bathroom). It is going to be awesome, promise.

I’ve almost found my desk—which gets me back to weeding by the end of today!! Hoping to get through the chapterbook collection before summer reading starts. Cross your fingers for me.