I have an appointment with a Community Bank Manager at my current bank next Friday. Considering the email I sent her last night, I don’t really anticipate it to be the best of meetings.

To say I’ve been disappointed with their customer service practices would be putting it mildly. Following a data breach in March, the bank shut down everyone’s debit cards and issued new ones. Okay fine. Not telling anyone about it for 18 hours because the call had come mid-afternoon and they didn’t want to work late? Not fine. I was seriously less than impressed when their website was never updated with the information of the breach.

Yesterday, armed with new card, I went in to change the random pin they had assigned. No one had ever told me that this wasn’t an option and since WaMu was doing it 6 years ago, I figured it would be a two minute process. Not so much. No, I’d have to get another new debit card if I wanted to pick my own pin.

I pause now for you to say “Huh?” and reread that last sentence to make sure you read it correctly. You did.

It further troubles me that I was told that I couldn’t even GET my pin number for 7-10 days (it was random and not something I’d remembered in the period since March, as I planned to change it. Tells you how often I go to the ATM doesn’t it?). I was not pleased to find out this morning that, oh, well yes they could get it for me before I leave for NY tomorrow. It shouldn’t take this kind of frustration on my part to get results.

And through it all I’ve been faced with a solid line of bank workers using the phrase “it’s not our fault.” I will be very interested to see if we can get through next week’s meeting without using it.

I work in a public service position. We’re working very hard to find new and improved ways to reach our patrons/customers/etc and make sure we’re removing barriers to the access of information and dinosaur books. We’re continually looking for ways that we can take “no” out of our every day.

I don’t feel like my bank has the same policy. Which is why I’m looking for a new one.