I was prepared this particular trip to New York: I packed five pair of shoes. That this meant that I came home with somewhere around 8 blisters per foot should mean nothing. Really, someday my feet will re-adapt to hiking around a concrete jungle.

Three weekends ago I had company, AudioGirl came up to spend a weekend, and then I dashed off for the Brunette’s 30th birthday. In between I hustled myself in to work, whisking through piles of paperwork as quickly as possible so I wouldn’t be behind at the end of May and my frolicking about elsewhere. My desk doesn’t look too bad.

My knee, on the other hand, has started turning shades of cranberry. We’re none of us really sure how I acquired this spectacular beauty, though popular theory is that I slammed into one of the tables at Kush.

Day After


Having AudioGirl here was delightful. We explored little restaurants, found a breakfast place no one had ever mentioned (a good one!!), and shopped. Somehow, between Sunday and Monday, it was decided I was buying a table we’d come across in the Antique Center downtown. I’d never considered “real” furniture an impulse buy, but when one finds such a fabulous wood table at half the cost of a similar laminate table at the nearby furniture store well….. The added bonus of someone to carry it up the stairs and wiggle it in and out of the car with me was there too.

And then a trip home. I spent a night out with the Blonde and ended up having a mini-college reunion while doing Karaoke. I blame my song choice of the evening on the pollen in the air, I didn’t have anything like my usual voice and talked my way through a piece by one of the current pop princesses.

We went out for the Brunette’s birthday and I spent the Memorial Day with Dee, reliving the last three years at high speed in front of a very confused and somewhat intrigued waiter. I don’t think he had previously fathomed that we could maintain the rapidity of speech we held up for the entire meal. Why yes, everything’s lovely and we’d adore another cup of tea…..

The only delay was coming home, Chicago was under heavy downpour, and I spent that portion of trip fully immersed in the only knitting project I’d taken with me.

In the course of the weekend I went through
2 mp3 players (forgot the battery charger, glad I took both!)
5 books (which meant I ran out of reading material on Monday)
1 journal (had to wait til I got home and dug out a new blank book)
2 editing projects (helps when you’re out of reading material)
Many bandaids

As I kept muttering to myself while sitting on the plane from CHI to LSE–had I run out of yarn, someone would have been in trouble.

Can you believe tomorrow is June?