I need their number because, seriously? June? Really? Practically LATE June no less?

I’m baffled that we’re half way through 2009. I’m flabbergasted that the first week of summer reading has already zipped by–though I expect to be crawling home at the end of next week thankful that it’s nearly July. Go figure. But it is time to revisit what goals I set myself.

Goals for 2009: 1) Use things — I have tea, yarn, books…so many things that are here waiting for me. When they start feeling like clutter rather than things I enjoy, it’s time to use up or get rid of rather than hold on indefinitely.

Where I’m at in June: I’ve brought five bags of books to work and sent them downstairs to the Friends Book Sale. And I still have LOTS of books at home. I’m starting to hone the collection though to ones I have read, enjoyed and will re-read. I’ve gone through most of the huge amount of tea that was residing and I burned a lot of candles, as that is what they are for. Yarn? Well….we won’t talk about the yarn at the moment–though I did bring 30 skeins to a stash swap in March and didn’t take anything home.

2) Knit for myself. I talk a lot about knitting but almost always it’s for other people. Call it selfish but I want some warm woolly things for me.

Where I’m at in June: I finally finished the cowl I cast on for myself in January. I’ve started on a shawl. I just have to seam up an afghan that will be all wool and all for me! And I’ve come up with all sorts of things to make for other people.

3) Write for more than just my blog audience. I need a better collection of rejection emails and letters and possibly some acceptances too.

Where I’m at in June: I’ve come up with another book idea. I have very crazy looking post it notes that require at least a year’s acquaintance with me to figure out what I’m talking about. My houseguest last weekend managed to translate it.

4) Scrapbook old papers. Not the incredibly matted, decorated, and beribboned, just the “here’s a paper, here’s something from junior high” with some notes on the side about why I kept it.

Where I’m at in June: Nothing here yet.

5) Survive braces….20 months to go. (14 ish left now?)

Where I’m at in June: Doing okay, not great but okay. Got the bottom braces on a week ago. Eating spaghetti is creative. I did invest in the platypus flossers and they are amazing and I love them. Rubber bands are a necessary but painful evil. Tylenol is wonderful.

6) Get my books into LibraryThing.

If I volunteered to have beverages and snacks, do you think I could get a flash cataloging mob at my apartment? It could be a small mob, maybe just of one other person to motivate me.

What about you? How are your goals coming?