Saturday night was the time I was most excited for when I was making plans for ALA, for it was then I would get to have dinner with 25 of my nearest and dearest Library Society of the World cohorts. Steve was bringing copies of the zine, to which I had contributed, and by dint of being willing to nag, re-shove it up the LSW list on FF, and make a reservation for 30 (they wanted a credit card number), I’d kind of ended up in charge.

I arrived at Giordano’s just after six p.m. and met up with Stevi, who is a branch manager at CPL. She had the new Julia Quinn, I the new Eloisa James. There was much to discuss. People started trickling in, with me doing my meercat impression peering around for people and all of us asking random passersby “Are you here for the LSW Meet up?” We adjourned to the table to find more people already waiting on us!

Giordano’s did a tremendous job, our waitress was awesome and here was a chance to relax, kick back, and talk smack about libraries. Yah….uberdork. Sorry.

We had one colossal beverage spill, I’m still not quite sure how it happened. A bumped elbow into a jarred knee against a table, I think… The poor girl it landed on apparently had already spilled coffee on her other pair of pants. But we survived. And we had quite a good time.


Afterwards, and it was a long fun and raucous meal, with people dropping by and tweeting in greetings, we adjourned to the Billy Goat Tavern for the Facebook Librarian’s Meet up…or LSW Meet up continued.

Finally, I headed back up to ground level and hopped in a cab. Back to the west side and planning another early morning for Day 3.