Louisville Free Public saw an excessive amount of rain yesterday—over six inches in three hours, and the Main Library was hit with flash flooding of water and sewage that knocked out their computer systems, their book mobiles, the processing area holding all the incoming books, and at least 40 new computers that were slated to go to community branches. We followed along yesterday as Greg Schwartz posted tweets and pics. Early estimated damage is at least a million dollars and that’s a low estimate.

They’re in today, pumping out water and seeing the damage, and there’s a lot of work to do.

But at least we can help.

A disaster recovery fund has been established; donations (by check) can be mailed to:
The Library Foundation
Attn: Flood Recovery
301 York Street
Louisville, KY 40203

Steve Lawson, one of my Library Society of the World Fellows, has set up an online way to donate. He’s set up a Paypal account and is collecting money that will be donated to the library under the LSW heading. Please check out his post and (eta), yes, I trust him that the money will get to LFPL.

The Giveaway Part:

To thank you for your generosity to LFPL:

If you’re a knitter, you’ve probably heard of Malabrigo. It’s amazingly soft wool yarn out of Uruguay, some of the most luscious stuff to knit and wear.

I’m offering three skeins of Black Forest Malabrigo, which is a rich dark grey/brown with slight green undertones. These have been kept in my apt which is non-smoking and pet free. I’ll pack these up and send them off to you for your knitting or other crafting pleasure.

But, Abigail, you say, I don’t knit. Yes, I know there are a few of you who don’t and while I’d be happy to teach you, I can understand how it’s not everyone’s craft. So I’ll make this offer instead–I’ll knit that yarn into a hat and scarf set for you. Or mittens and cowl (cowl can also mean really short scarf that buttons around your neck and doesn’t mess up your hair). Or some other reasonable three skeins of Malabrigo project. The Blonde can attest to Malabrigo fingerless mitts being warm and yummy.

How to enter:

1) Donate money to the cause, either via mail or through Steve’s link.

2) Email me at my gmail address (see blog homepage) to let me know how much you donated. For every five dollars you donate, I’ll put your name onto the spreadsheet once. So $20 is 4 chances etc. etc. Though I’ll alert Steve that I’m posting this, he is not responsible for telling me if you donated. YOU MUST EMAIL ME to be entered. **ETA: If you would like to be in the raffle but don’t feel like sharing how much you donated, you can just send me an “I donated” email. I’ll put you on the raffle once for that**

3) Tell other people, pass this on.

4) On Sept 2, I will use a random number generator to select a recipient and will contact them about preference for yarn or knitted thing.

A Gentle Reminder

Please don’t send Louisville Free Public books. They have a lot of cleaning and discarding to do and need to figure out what has been lost. They do have an Amazon wish list, which I imagine will grow as they determine what it is that has been destroyed. WHEN they are ready, please order from there. Greg Schwartz will keep us all up to speed.