I was under the impression that NaNoWriMo was relatively widespread but I keep running into people who haven’t heard of it, so thought I might share it here.

National Novel Writing Month: a competition to write 50,000 words/175 of a new novel (not one you’ve been working on for years) in the month of November. You start on November 1 and scribble furiously until the 30th, not taking time (at the moment) for revision.

It’s a good kick start, an excellent prompt, and hopefully gets a lot of people to the writing board. I participated last year, though I didn’t “win” (get to 50K).

It’s evolved and a lot of other people have taken up the idea. There’s NaNoBloMo (Post something on your blog every day for 30 days), NaNoSweMo (Knit a sweater in a month), etc etc. The essence seems to be: pick a challenge, a big challenge. Here are 30 days. Make yourself accountable to other people. Go.

It was my intent to participate this year. Somewhere in my apartment is a vague square piece of paper with the notes for the book I was thinking of working on.

I can’t find it and by the time I realized it was November, it was the 2nd.

So I made a different goal. It’s a personal one, so, despite my joy of sharing with y’all, it won’t be going on the blog. I have another 25 days. And then holiday knitting will be taking over the rest of my life until 12/26.