Happy Birthday Week to Sibling-the-Younger. I’m told he didn’t want a big fuss but it’s still pretty cool that he shares a D.O.B with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Take a moment with me to be incredibly amazed by and jealous of Laurie Halse Anderson’s writing cabin. When I grow up and write many many wonderful books that inspire kids, teens and parents and win tons of awards etc, I want one just like it. Only, maybe with a little more yarn.

Should you be a member of the library profession, particularly if you are job seeking, it behooves you to not condescendingly talk about public and/or children’s librarians as though we were a lower life form. Just a suggestion.

I’ve read most of the new Winnie the Pooh. It was okay but I don’t think Pooh should ever be referred to as having fingers. He has paws….

We’re having our signature fund raiser at the library on Friday: we’ve picked out books we’d like to add to the collection, you come, choose the ones you like, pay for them and we add them into our collection with name plate identifying you as the giver. It’s called Give-a-Gift. I’ve got a whole shelf of stuff upstairs that I hope meets with enthused donors. Plus there will be snacks, wine, and I have a reason to wear 4 inch strappy heels in November. See you there?